Platelet Rich Plasma

Oral surgeons have found that using platelet rich plasma promotes faster healing after surgical procedures. It is safe and effective because it uses the patient’s own blood to accelerate the healing process.

Plasma is the component of blood that transports nutrients and hormones through the body, It contains proteins, immunoglobins and blood clotting factors that are essential for healing.

During surgery, blood can be drawn from the patient and the plasma harvested to produce PRP. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is just as it says – plasma that is rich in platelets. Because platelets are full of growth factors, it accelerates the natural healing process. When PRP is combined with the patient’s bone tissue, the body effectively regenerates new tissue by stimulating stem cell growth.

PRP can be used with dental implants, sinus lift procedures, ridge augmentation procedures and repair of dental bone defects.