Cone Beam 3D System


The use of a 3D Cone Beam Scan is the most up-to-date technique that can be used for planning surgical procedures such as implant placement and wisdom teeth removal. Its use is vital in achieving the most precise viewing of anatomy and pathology available. The Cone Beam 3D Imaging provides Dr. Johnson with interactive technology that delivers accurate images of anatomy at very low radiation doses.

This technology shows true anatomy in full 3D volume and high-resolution individual slices for accurate measurement of bone density and alveolar nerve location. Dr. Johnson can avoid potential surgical complications by checking for root entanglement prior to extractions with automatic nerve canal tracing.

We also use the Cone Beam system to help plan dental implant procedures. With the 3D images, we can examine the jawbone before surgery, making sure it is sufficient and healthy enough to hold an implant. We can also determine exactly where the implant needs to be embedded, and the 3D images can help decide which implant system is best for the patient.

Using this fast, precise CT scanner, the patient is exposed to minimal radiation, and we no longer have to rely on two-dimensional panoramic X-rays for diagnosis and treatment planning. The scanner produces a high resolution image after 14 seconds, much less time compared to two-dimensional X-rays.